Writing Movie reviews

Lots of us aspire to be writers of one kind or another. But if you’re not sure of your writing ability, why not try short pieces, like movie reviews? You won’t get paid, but you will get valuable feedback on your writing and your opinions. You’ll also soon start to feel like you’re part of the movie industry community, and it’s a fantastic feeling when you know other people are reading and appreciating your work. Once you get a little more confident, you may feel you can branch into other writing, like movie news, Hollywood gossip articles, or music reviews!


Movie reviews are not necessarily easy to write (after all, writing, like any other endeavor, requires practice), but they are short—or, at least, they don’t need to be long! And anyone can write movie reviews, as long as they’ve actually seen the movie they’re writing about! So go along to the Movie Vault website, read other reviews and movie news, and try writing a movie review of a film you’ve seen recently, or one you particularly love or hate; in fact, any movie about which you have an opinion.


Some tips for writing movie reviews might come in handy at this point. Try and bear in mind at least some of the following, and don’t forget to review your piece before you put it up for public scrutiny.


Try to break your article up into 3 or 4 paragraphs; this makes it easier to read and digest. Each paragraph should cover one aspect of the film, and include not only a description, but your opinion as well, for example, whether you found the story confusing, or whether you sympathized or not with a particular character.


It’s usually best to start with a brief but general description of the film.

Include what genre the movie fits into, which age group it’s aimed at, and whether it has any particular style. You might want to include the names of the lead actors as well, since many people choose which movies to watch by their stars. Also, check out the latest movie news for any relevant scoops on those  involved in the making of the movie! You’ll find really up-to-date movie news on the Movie Vault website to help you! If an actor is currently in the movie news for something, you can mention that here too.


Secondly, cover the basic premise or story of the movie (without giving away the ending, unless it’s a well-known story or remake!) and try to identify the angle the film producer and director have taken.


Then, you can get more subjective; try and assess how the movie affected you, how the actors succeeded or failed in portraying their characters, and whether there was anything in the movie that you loved or hated. Be honest; this is the kind of thing that your readers will identify with, and will bring them back to read more of your reviews.


Finally, summarize in one sentence how you felt about the movie. Post your review on the site, and wait for other people to feedback on your piece!

Give writing a go; visit the Movie Vault website, read the Movie News and reviews, then try writing your own Movie Reviews . You’ll soon find yourself hooked!

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